About Us

About Us

About Leafits

Leafits was established in 2010, these past nine years we have been working hard to provide the best quality products at very competitive prices to our esteemed customers. This consistent hard work has subsequentlyhelped us develop links all over the world.

Here at Leafits we aim to deliver the best customer experience, to us, you – the customer – come first. Our services are geared towards catering to your every conceivable need, with premium quality products, affordable pricing model and convenient timely delivery.

We offer our customers a multitude of options in consumer goods pertaining within the category of wearables. We deal in all kinds of leather gloves, leather jackets, Jeans, pants and sportswear.

Our aim in consistency with our product category is to nurture a healthy lifestyle, cultivating a fitness-oriented environment that motivates our customers. Leafits is not just any online retail platform, we aim to foster relationships with clientele, to the extent that our name be synonymous with their conceptualization of a healthy lifestyle.

Our product categories are divided into 4 broad categories custom uniforms, fitness wear, sportswear and gloves range. These categories expand into broader sub-categories, custom uniforms further swell to accommodate the various sports inclusive of, American football, baseball/softball, basketball, cricket, cycling, ice hockey, lacrosse and soccer uniforms.

The Fitness wear category grows to incorporate different types of wearables like women’s leggings; more commonly composes of yoga pants or plain stretchable lower body workout attire. Additionally,fitness/sports bras to that ease exercise and provide comfort and support, we also have shorts and tank tops to allow a breath of fresh air and free movement encouraging workouts, i.e. stretching, running etc. To top it all off we offer a wide range of gym bags, ranging from cute carry on backpacks to the conventional style duffle bags, we have you covered you can now look chic and athletic at the same time. Contemporary times require innovation and versatility, well, with us you are in the right hands, break the stereotype with our multifunctional bags.

As for our Sportswear this category expands to feature hoodies/pullovers, polo shirts, t-shirts, rain jackets and track suits. In line with contemporary trends our wearables are not only fit for workout and sport sessions but casual Sundays at work or that one morning class right after gym.

Lastly, we have a wide assortment of gloves in leather, for all intents and purposes to protect your hands and keep them comfortable. Now you might not consider gloves to be of much importance but ask this of a baseball player who lost his grip mid swing, or a lacrosse player who missed to winning shot due to sweaty palms. We here at Leafits only want what’s best for you, our leather gloves ensure optimal performance and safety, all of this while keeping you ‘in style’.

As mentioned before, our company aims to deliver an unparalleled experience to our users, we strive to fulfil basic needs by providing top quality products, at reasonable prices, on time, at your door step.

Identify, innovate, grow! Leafits… we are the future!

Address: Defance road mohala shamaspura Sialkot Pakistan.

Contact Dubai: +971 50 716 4580  -
Contact Pakistan: +92 332 4167815  -
Email Address: sales@leafits.com